Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear LOST Writers,

First of all, I understand why you had to kill Eko. It's November, we have one episode left until you go on hiatus until February. As a side note; what the hell? FEBRUARY? Who came up with that one? Did we not show our support all through the summer by playing the game online? Have you not been reading the forums all over and seeing how frustrated die-hard fans are with this show? So your answer to that is to only give us 8 episodes until a TWO MONTH and change HIATUS!?!?
We'll get to those episodes later....I need to stifle a yawn.

But I digress. Eko. Moving on.

Really? What do you have against your cast (or I daresay your viewers!) that they can't catch up with their backstory before you kill them off? (see: Boone and Shannon; Ana-Lucia and Libby.) Then, in a last ditch effort to try and tie up loose ends, you rush through enough of their story so we feel like we're "caught up" so to speak. This was not the case in Eko's Eko-centric story last night, let me tell you. I'm still confused. How and why did Eko go to Australia? In his "flashback", he was on his way to London. Was it by way of Australia? That's quite a hike. Also, what about the black fog thing? Was that to signify that he's really bad??? We kinda knew that. I suspect he knew it too, judging by his speech to his brother Yemi.

Oh!!! And how is it that he can carry on a conversation with Yemi and Locke can talk to Boone, but Jack could only see his daddy mirage? Is there some sort of fever going on that only the strong guys get? I'm totally willing to go with you on the fever thing, just provide some clarity on how only select castaways get to have a fireside chat and others don't. A hint would suffice. Subtitles would be good. Just give us SOMETHING.

We KNOW Kate really loves Sawyer. WE GET IT. Stop playing that storyline up ad nauseum. Please.

The Others storyline is definitely your strongest one right now. Me likee. I'm dying to see who in that group is the most sinister; and so far my money's on the chickie-poo who brings Jack his food. Jack should be careful though; if she's willing to go to those lengths to kill off Ben; what does she have in store for him, I wonder?

But here's the thing. I'm hooked, but this wait until February might be a deal breaker. I was patient through the summer, but a girl can only take so much. You have heard of a cool new show called Heroes, haven't you? I'm quickly discovering that my imagination and my discussion skills can only handle so many shows; and I have to admit, ya'all haven't really delivered the goods so far this season overall. I'm just sayin'

So, go and enjoy your hiatus. Reread, rewrite and retool. Give us longtime viewers a reason to tune back in come February, because right now, you are on my shortlist of shows I'm thinking about removing from the auto record on my TiVo. And that thought alone makes me want to cry.

That thought should make you afraid. I'm sure there is more of us out there.

Sincerely and With Mucho Love,