Monday, October 02, 2006

Why Smith Sucks and Shark Rules

So, as you know, we watch a LOT of television. Generally not on the days the shows originally air. (See, life kind of gets in the way. That and video games.) So we waited to watch the first episodes of Smith and Shark over the weekend after they first aired. The reasoning was simple, we needed sleep, and my in-laws wanted to watch Smith, and they tried to tape it and it didn't work. (I know, they're TiVo-less. We might fix that later this year.) So when we all got together for dinner, we sat down to watch these two shows, one after the other.

Smith showed so much promise, The Hubby and I couldn't wait until it aired. We liked Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, but the rest of his movies had (for us) been a bit erratic. Not that he should have continued forever in the mob type of movie, but it was good, and we like good performances.

Ray gives a good perfomance in Smith. It's the rest of the show that falls apart around him. The premise shows promise, kind of like a traveling Ocean's Eleven crew. (not 12, dear LORD, not 12; and I bought the DVD too...) That sounded good to us. But something must have gotten lost in the translation. Because, for us, after the first episode, we were done. Took it off the TiVo recordings list. Much of it didn't make sense. Not in the this-is-totally-unplausible kind of way, but in the how-could-the-wife-not-have SOME-idea way, and the why-didn't-you-tell-him-what-happened-with-the-girl-in-the-alley way. know what? never mind. CBS put me out of my misery and cancelled Smith. Thank goodness.


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